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What is the best social media platform for your dental practice marketing? What are the different advantages and disadvantages of using these platforms for your dental practice? Remember that different social media platforms require different techniques and approaches so you must develop a strategy that is tailor-fit for each of this platform.


Facebook’s active and friendly community requires a social media marketing strategy that will regularly post content and updates about your business. You can start by creating a Facebook page about your dental practice that your clients can “like.”

Facebook is the place where friends, families, and acquaintances keep in touch. The tone must be friendly and casual. Facebook was not made to be formal or to engage in business talk. The best strategy for Facebook is to treat all stakeholders as equal and to engage with them as you would a friend.


Pinterest is all about the images. It is ideal for retail since businesses can create visually appealing boards with eye-catching images of the products that they offer. For dental practice marketing, Pinterest can be very beneficial in terms of posting graphics and animations about the services that you offer.

You may also use Pinterest to post memes and quotes about dental health and oral hygiene. The primary audience of Pinterest is females so it’s best suited for dental practice.


Twitter’s main platform is all about engagement. Politicians, celebrities, and influencers use Twitter to converse and exchange communication with their followers. You can follow industry leaders and even your competitions and you’ll be sure to receive a steady amount of followers, too.

Mix up your official tweets about specials, discounts, promos, news, updates, and fun trivia. All your tweets should have the ultimate goal of building your dental practice marketing. Retweet a post when a client has something nice to say about you.

Don’t forget to respond to tweets mentioning and tagging you. Twitter revolves around dialogue and communication so interact as much as possible to nurture and build your following.


Instagram is filled to the brim with influencers. You can tap these personalities to review and try out your dental services. They can then write a review about you and hopefully persuade their followers to subscribe to your dental practice.

Like Pinterest, Instagram is image-centered and -focused. You must constantly post images and videos to stay relevant and on top. Always be on the lookout for what your competitor is doing and tailor-fit the trends to what your audience needs to see and read.