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It’s the most heartbreaking thing in a business to be fooled into investing a part of its capital for subpar service. You may have noticed many marketing firms offering dental marketing strategies for a cheap price. You’ll see their ads all over social media and on Google, too.

If you’re thinking of hiring a firm for your dental practice, don’t just hire the first firm you see that fits your budget. Think long and hard about the agency and make a checklist of things you need to see before believing they are experts in this field.

While there are truly many marketing agencies that can offer to build strategies and campaigns that will bring patients and attention to your dental practice, there are only a handful of marketing firms that are truly experts on this particular niche—dental.

Not many are given the chance to focus on one industry and most marketing firms would likely try to catch as many industries as they can to build their clientele. But there’s something that can be said about marketing firms that are primarily focused on dental marketing strategies.

Are they more expensive? Are they more focused? Are they more professional? Are they expert? There are a lot of questions running in your head, of course, but in order to know whether the firm is truly an expert in dental marketing strategies, you need to check for these things:


The portfolio of a marketing agency should be filled with information about the numerous campaigns they have done in the past.

Part of the portfolio should include what specific goals have been met and what strategies were built and implemented by the agency. The portfolio can either be in print form or digital form, though the latter should impress you more.

Past clients

You would want to check a couple of the agency’s past clients to get a feel of how their dental practices are faring now. What happened to their dental clinics after implementing the strategies built and developed by the marketing agency?

Hopefully, most of them would love to talk to you about their strategy, as well as be open about the challenges they faced while working with the marketing firm.

Certificates and awards

Finally, if this marketing agency is truly legitimate and is an expert in the field of dental marketing strategies, their walls should have certificates or awards that reflect this expertise. Check what trainings they have undergone and how they develop their skills and keep up to date with marketing trends.