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If you own a dental blog but has not maximized it for dental marketing, then you’re doing it all wrong. Your blog should talk about your dental practice. It should lead customers to your website and it should persuade them to make an appointment with your clinic.

But how do you do that with your blog? How can you persuade potential customers to schedule an appointment with you without looking and sounding desperate?

The key is to write the blog post exactly as you hear yourself think about it. Don’t focus too much on trying to market to your audience. That will come naturally. Just think about the topics that your prospective patients want to read about, research it, find experts who can talk about it, and explain it as succinctly as you can.

Always talk about the benefits of going to the dentist regularly and seeking dental advice on oral health concerns that may be plaguing a patient. If you have to talk about the negative connotations about the dental practice, do so with the intention of addressing the concerns and issues that surround the industry. Do it to dispel rumors and misconceptions about oral health care and dental services.

Do not be afraid to come off like a snob. Write your blog post the way you’ll talk with your daughter/son or niece/nephew. Write it in such a way that even a five-year-old will understand what you’re trying to say. Comprehension should be easy. Otherwise, you will alienate a big chunk of your market.

Dentists tend to be technical when they write blogs. They use dental jargons that will force a reader to research what a word means or just leave the page and never come back again. You cannot make a mistake like this. After writing the blog, show it to your non-dentist friends. Ask them if they understand what you mean. Ask a few questions to get a sense of how good they understood the blog post.

If there are words that confuse them, change it. If there are ideas and concepts presented in the blog site that is confusing for the readers, take time to explain more about it.

The reason why many dental blogs fail at dental marketing is that they forget who they are talking to. If you don’t know who you are writing for, you’ll have a hard time impacting them. And that’s what you need—to impact your readers and persuade them to make an appointment with your dental clinic.