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The trick to successful dental websites cannot be attributed to a single factor. In fact, if you really want your website to succeed in whatever it was originally designed to do, you need to factor in several things to make sure that everything about your site is optimized for success. It’s important to remember that your website’s success needs a healthy balance of technical and user-friendliness.

In this case, it’s the balance between effective SEO and good design. Some people assume that SEO is the key to a site’s success, while others believe it’s how users interact with your dental websites. The key here is a healthy dose of both factors, to create a website that appeals both on a technical and human level. Find out how to balance SEO and design on your own dental website.

Website navigation

Website navigation will always be the starting point for any website design. This is how your users are going to interact with your website, which leads to their conversions. So how do you introduce the human and SEO element into this? Always keep intuitive design and navigation in mind when you’re planning out your navigation.

Users have certain expectations for where certain elements are supposed to be because it has become almost universal in their uniformity. It should always be easy for users to navigate through your website. To introduce the SEO aspect of it, utilize blogs and other content to link back to certain pages within your website. Horizontal linking is great for helping users find certain dental services and pages and boosts SEO.


Of course, when one is talking about SEO, the content will always be a huge factor in how well your website ranks on search engine results pages. However, do not be complacent just because you have a lot of content to put up on your website.

What you should always remember about your content for SEO is the fact that it should always be quality content to appeal to users, which takes care of the human element of it. If users find your content valuable, then they will be more willing to spend more time on your website, which will be registered by search engines as a positive factor in ranking your website, which can lead to better website rankings, which takes care of the SEO aspect of it.

Website responsiveness

Website responsiveness and site load time is always an important factor in dental websites. Users expect faster loading websites, and search engine crawlers are more likely to rank faster loading websites better compared to their slower counterparts. Make sure that you optimize your website properly to help make it load faster.