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A business needs a marketing strategy in order to attract customers and make them loyal clients to the brand. The same goes for dental practices. Medicine or dental practices are no exception. They work like a business, too, which means they need dental marketing ideas to fuel their client list.

For a single practice to be successful and continue growing, a dentist must be seeing somewhere between 24 and 50 new patients each month. If this is not happening for your practice then it’s time to refocus your marketing strategies or even bring new ones to the fold.

A patient referral bonus system

Your patients may be loyal to you and keep coming back to you for their dental needs but that does not mean that they are referring your practice to their friends or families.

Certainly, dental appointments are not the usual topics when friends meet or when families get together for dinner. So, what happens to your need for a 70% internal patient referrals?

Offer a referral bonus system, wherein patients who recommend a friend will be rewarded with a discount or dental products. This program has the benefit of engaging with new and old patients. It will also endear them to your practice.

Target women as your audience

Studies showed that women make up 90% of dental clients. Either they are the ones having their teeth cleaned or they’re taking their sons, daughters, and husbands with them.

When it comes to dental appointments, women are the primary decision-makers. This means your marketing strategy needs to be composed specifically to target women.

Since women need information before they decide to purchase, make sure that the content of your dental marketing strategy is filled with relevant information about the various dental services you provide and why these will benefit them.

Hire the right people

This is often overlooked when it comes to the creation of a sound dental marketing strategy but hiring the right and the best people will bring customers to your practice. It makes a world of difference if the dental assistant handles phone calls respectively and answers inquiries smartly.

Compare that with someone who does not answer the phone or is rude to potential clients and you know why your employees matter in your overall marketing strategy.

When customers are impressed with the customer service provided by your employees, they are more likely to return to your clinic or at least, recommend you to their friends and families.