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It can be quite a struggle these days to find success solely from traditional marketing. Of course, you can still advertise your dental practice through fliers and brochures. You can have them print out several hundreds of copies and hand them out to people who, hopefully, are going to be interested and become your new patients. You can also have your practice promoted through posters and post them wherever you please. Still, you’ll have to ask yourself: Is doing all of this enough for my dental practice to reach the pinnacle of success? Well, as the saying goes, the sky’s the limit! In order to ensure that your dental practice has reached the peak of popularity, achieved maximum success, and win the favor of the masses, you must also venture into online marketing. To be more specific, this means you are going to have a website for your dental practice. However, as exciting as this may all be, it can be very intimidating as you are still going to have to learn new concepts, such as dental SEO.

So what exactly is dental SEO? And how does it help your dental practice to become successful?

SEO actually refers to search engine optimization. This is a process that helps your dental website gain online visibility in order to increase incoming traffic. It also helps in increasing your dental website’s ranking. This means more people can see and visit your website more easily.

That’s why it’s crucial for your dental website’s ranking to be high and that it should be found at the first page in all major search engines when they’re searching for a dental practice. See, not all potential patients have the patience to browse through a lot of pages to finally find your dental website.

So for your dental website to gain more attention and be placed in the first page, you can apply the following:


An effective way to raise the popularity of your dental website is through blogging. Write about what you know best, and make sure it’s relevant to your website. Otherwise, the search engines will have difficulty in determining whether your website belongs in the first page. See, the more you write and include specific keywords referring to your dental practice, the higher chances of search engines ranking your dental website higher. So, blog away!

Social Media

Whether you like it or not, social media is undeniably powerful and it can really help you increase your dental website’s popularity. How? Well, as it turns out, Google+ shares, Twitter shares, and Facebook shares can all affect your website’s ranking. Additionally, Google takes note on the number of people who press or click the like button on your dental website.