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If you want to know if the dental patient marketing strategies you employed in your practice are effective, you need a digital competitive analysis. This analysis aims to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your strategies. It will also identify challenges that your marketing campaigns face, as well as opportunities you might have missed.

By having an insight into your marketing strategies, you can close the gaps and compete more efficiently with your competitors in the market.


What are the strengths of your marketing campaigns? Do they reach the right audience? Does the market respond well to it? It’s important to know which campaigns and strategies should be continued and adopted. You can hone these campaigns and improve on them. This knowledge will help you pinpoint the exact campaigns that work for your market and how they can impact the other marketing strategies.


No matter how good you think your campaigns are, there’s bound to be weaknesses and gaps in them. Identifying these weaknesses will enable you to adjust, change, and modify these strategies. You can also scrap a campaign altogether. Do not waste money on marketing campaigns that are of no use to your dental practice. Sometimes, it’s better to just throw away a campaign instead of trying to salvage it by changing the parameters. You may just end up wasting valuable resources.


Are there any challenges in the industry that your marketing campaigns have not responded to? Are there any trends that you fail to follow? Is digital advertising so expensive that you cannot transmute your traditional campaigns to it? These are some of the problems that dental patient marketing campaigns face every day.

The advancement in technology is not always good for industries. Some businesses and professions do not have the resources to hire digital marketing firms. What happens to them?


Are you missing marketing opportunities because of your existing marketing campaigns? Are your campaigns so focused on social media that you do not engage with the local community? We all know that dental practices are essentially local businesses. This means that their primary market is the people who live near their place of work.

If your clinic is too focused on increasing its social media followers, it might be missing on golden opportunities to attract more patients. When was the last time you attended a local community event? When was the last time you actually engaged with your market?