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When we think about dental patient marketing, we immediately focus on social media and email marketing. We don’t even consider some old-school and traditional marketing techniques that are still effective today, especially when it comes to marketing local businesses such as a dental practice.

A dental practice is primarily a local business since it is focused on targeting an audience that lives in the proximity of your clinic’s location. Just think about it: why would someone travel several miles just to visit a dentist from another state? Dental practices are most effective when they market their services to the local community.

And when it comes to local communities, highly effective strategies are the traditional ones we remember back from our days as children. Believe it or not, there’s still a huge possibility that someone will find out about your dental practice because of a flyer or a poster.

Flyers and posters

You might need a volunteer to give away flyers in front of grocery stores and malls frequented by your target market. Can you ask a niece or a nephew to do this for you? Create an attention-grabbing flyer that gives out information about your dental practice—the services you offer, any discounts available, and ways to contact you.

Billboards and streamers

Okay, we’re not talking about digital billboards (though that is okay, too, if you can afford them). We’re talking about putting streamers on the sides of buses so that people waiting around or standing on the streets can get a look of your advertisement. Moving advertisements are actually effective methods to reach people who are in far-flung areas of the city or state.

Community projects

Take a part in community building. Go to your local community center and look for activities that you can support. We’re sure there are a lot of programs there that you can put your energy and invest your money into. The best thing about supporting local community programs is that you get to know the members of the community. You will gain their trust and as a result, they will support your dental practice.

Little league baseball teams

Nothing brings you closer to the community than sponsoring or coaching little league baseball teams. These are the same children who might be your clients in the future. If their parents are already comfortable about who you are, they will most likely bring their kids to you when it’s time for their teeth to get checked. Be a part of the community and you will reap the rewards of your dental patient marketing efforts.