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Are you feeling hopeless about finding a solution to your dental patient marketing problems? Can you not reach out and attract your target market? Does your target market feel elusive? Are they unreachable? There are many things you can do to improve your marketing strategies but unless you understand one universal truth about today’s world, you’ll never get your foot off the ground. What truth is that? Everyone’s on the internet.

That’s right. Millennials, Gen Z, Gen Z, and Baby Boomers… no matter who you are targeting, you’ll find them on the internet, using a variety of apps you don’t even know your grandparents can use. If you are going to succeed in marketing your dental profession, there’s only one place to do it and do it well: on the internet. Otherwise, you’re simply wasting your time.

Here are the four apps that you must invest in and spend time on:

Google Maps

When your potential client uses Google Maps to find a dentist, they should be able to see your name on the results page. The app will then navigate them to your clinic.

But before doing so, the mobile version of the app will have a CTA and it will also allow the user to call the clinic directly from the app. So, what are you waiting for? Sign your name up so that it’ll appear on Google Maps.


Waze is a community-based application, which means it’ll be slightly different from Google Maps. Take control of your listing by being the one to put it on the “map.”

When a person navigates near or around your location, Waze will put up a digital billboard on the screen to let the users know that there is a dental clinic near them. They can either save the information for later or navigate directly to the clinic.


Again, it is very important that you claim your business on Yelp. Millennials are forever turning to Yelp to read reviews about restaurants, malls, and even yes, dental clinics. There might be reviews about your profession there that are unfair and overly biased. Claiming your business on Yelp means being able to answer the bad reviews.


This is an app that will help potential clients find doctors and set an appointment with them. There’s nothing more that people hate now than having to call a dental clinic, for example, to set up an appointment.

They want as little human interaction as possible, so they feel it is better if they can just click on a button to set a schedule. That’s not for you to change. Your job is to follow these trends and improve your dental patient marketing strategies.