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The question in every dentist’s mind is this: how am I going to market my dental practice and gain more patients? It’s a question that’s in every businessman’s mind and trust us, dental practices are not immune to dental marketing demands and challenges.

Marketing your dental practice can feel overwhelming, expensive, and time-consuming, but that’s only because you don’t know what to do yet and you are unaware of the right marketing strategies that fit your practice.

Research shows that 47% of new patients prefer to read three to five online reviews about a dentist before they book an appointment. This little nugget of information shows that dental practices are not excluded from dental marketing.

That’s right. Your dental clinic must also be managed the way other businesses are being handled. This is not merely a vocation. It’s a business… and a profitable one if you only know the right way to market to your audience.

Step 1: Attraction

When trying to get more patients to your dental clinic, you need the right tools to attract them. Start with your online presence.

Do you have a website that prioritizes user experience and is updated regularly? Do you post the links to your blog post on social media? Do you reach out to your social media followers? What strategies do you use to get yourself noticed by your target audience?

Offline, do you attend community projects, sponsor little league teams, and teach elementary students in your local school? Your business needs to be visible to the demographics you are trying to attract.

Step 2: Conversion

Once your target market notices you, it’s time to pull in the big guns: convert them. You can do that by providing information on your online and offline dental marketing campaigns. This information should influence their decision and persuade them of their need to avail of your services.

On your website, there should be call-to-action buttons that will help make reaching out to you and inquiring about your products and services easier. On social media, you also need to engage with your market and offer them promotions and discounts.

Step 3: Nurture

Retention is the number one thing that you should focus on once you already have a pretty solid clientele list. The reason why dentists lose some of their patients is that they forget to nurture that already existing relationship.

Reach out to your former patients and offer them exclusive discounts. You can also check in on them to remind them about their dental needs such as regular oral prophylaxis every six months.