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Web designers think that when dental websites are visually appealing, they’ll automatically do the job they are set out to do, which is to attract new patients to your dental practice. But having an aesthetically pleasing website and convincing patients to book an appointment are two different things.

Your dental website should be at the center of everything you do—from Google Ads to Facebook Ads to online reviews. Once your potential customers arrive land on the site, it is your website’s job to convince them to book an appointment with you. Still, many web designers and their clients fail at recognizing what potential patients want.

The key to a successful dental website is to focus on what sets you apart from other dental practices. Why should a potential patient book an appointment with you and not with the dentist down the street? You need to highlight the features of your practice that make you unique. That being said, there are the top three things that dentists do wrong with their website:

Using Too Many Stock Photos

Stock photos are convenient. You just need to download the most appropriate photo you can find about your industry and post them on your website. However, it doesn’t bring anything new to your practice. It doesn’t set you apart from the other dental practices. Most dentists use stock photos because they don’t have the resources to produce their own photos or videos. But remember that other dentists are using such stock photos, too.

You should use as few stock photos as possible. These days, it’s not too difficult to produce your own photos and videos. You can do so using your smartphone and mirrorless camera.

Making It Hard for Patients to Find Your Contact Number

Sometimes, because dentists want a modern and clean design, they sacrifice functionality and practicality. Many of them forget to make their phone numbers visible on their dental websites. They tend to put their phone numbers on the footer or the contact us page of the site. But this isn’t the easiest way for your patients to discover your phone number. Your contact information should be visible on your homepage and every page of the website thereafter.

Failing to Highlight Differentiators

The differentiators are the things that make your practice better than the others. They are key to dental websites attracting more potential customers. You need to be careful about using phrases and words that you think will set your dental practice apart. Words like “best dental experience” are not going to differentiate you from your competitors. Examples of differentiators are being open seven days a week, providing emergency dental services and same-day appointments, and offering in-house financing for patients without insurance.