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It’s funny how people need dentists and yet we are all so afraid of going regularly to the dentist. Even people who take good care of their teeth are afraid to visit the dentist for fear that they may have to undergo a dental procedure that will not only cost pain but money as well. If your practice is failing to attract potential clients, you may be in need to remember these three essential dental marketing techniques:

Paid Search Ads

Are you advertising on Google? If you’re not, you should seriously consider this investment. If you advertise on Google, you can buy ads via AdWords. These keywords will put you on top of the search engine results page (SERP). What AdWords does is to let you use keywords on your ads that can improve their ranking.

When you see the list of keywords with high ranking on AdWords, make sure to brainstorm each keyword before using them on your ad. If you are going to use a keyword, it should be related to a dental product or service that you offer.

If a popular keyword does not relate to a product or service that you offer, you cannot use that keyword. There’s nothing people hate more than being misled.

Social Media

Twitter is the natural social media for dentists and rightfully so. It is more professional and it is less public, in a sense than Facebook. When using social media for dental marketing, make sure to use high-resolution photos, links, on-brand profile picture, and biography that gets to the point.

The best thing about using social media to market your dental practice is to use the locator. This means that on Facebook’s “search bar,” you can search for “dentist + location.” This will help the platform zero in on where the user is located and present the list of dentists that are located near him or her.

Customer Service

Do you know what’s the best dental marketing strategy? It’s customer service. If you provide quality customer service to your patients, they will automatically recommend your dental practice to their network of friends and family members. They will leave positive reviews on your profile; reviews that others will see.

These reviews can trigger others’ decisions to go to your dental practice and have a look around at what you can offer. This gives you the chance to attract these potential customers with your service and products.