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Dental Practice Marketing Review

    Thank you for allowing our Big Smile Marketing team the opportunity to conduct a thorough review of your current and previous Advertising/Marketing endeavors.

    It is our desire to understand your goals and plans and present you with our recommendations of how we would utilize our marketing services to achieve those goals.


    List All Forms of Advertising

    For us to do our job properly we need to know anything and everything you are currently using to market your practice or have tried in the past. Give us the good, bad and ugly and rate each of them for us.

    We have some clients who have mature practices and are spending $40k or more monthly. Others are just testing the waters and know they need help and guidance. So, no matter where you fall on this scale, we will help you establish a budget you can live with and will get you moving in the right direction.

    Content Marketing
    Email Marketing
    Text Message Marketing
    Google PPC Adwords
    Bing Advertising
    Yahoo Advertising
    Facebook Advertising
    Instagram Advertising
    Direct Mail
    Local Coupon Books
    Local Magazines
    Local Periodicals
    Yellow Pages

    Thank you for providing all of the advertising information we need to conduct a valuable evaluation of your practice.

    Website Review Section

    Your Dental Website should be the hub of all your marketing activities and a powerful tool for improving your customer experience. When designed, marketed and managed properly your website should reduce staff time allowing them to focus on more important job functions. In addition, a quality dental website should be attracting and securing new customers while improving your existing clients experience.

    Please rate the following and let us know how your website could be improved.

    Rate Value (10 is best)
    Website Design/Appearance

    Ease of use and valuable tool for your clients

    Designed to improve staff efficiency

    Current value in attracting new clients

    Professionalism, Skill, Responsiveness of current website provider

    What features do you wish your website had?

    Check all that apply.

    Allow new and existing clients to schedule appointments on your website.
    Allow clients to download, print and bring with them needed customer medical forms.
    Allow clients to electronically fill out new customer or returning customer forms online.
    Have clients fill out comments or service requests online and have messages sent immediately to proper employees thus reducing phone calls, written notes and possible confusion.
    Have Marketing Promotions displayed on site, offer discounts, coupons, etc., and then automatically be removed from site when promotion expires?
    Enhance your local brand image by showcasing fresh news stories, photos, videos about your practice, activity in local events, new staff announcements, awards, seminars or conferences attended.
    FAQ’s – what if you could post the answers to the common questions that you and your staff answer over and over again on your website? This is a time saver for you but also a great resource for your clients.

    Big Smile we are always looking for ways to increase the value of your website to your practice. Adding additional functionality not only saves you money but improves staff and client experiences.

    Thanks for taking the time to provide us this information so that we are able to understand fully your practice needs.

    Please utilize the comment box to provide any additional details on any of your Advertising Challenges, Pain Points or anything you want us to know so that we have a complete understanding of where you are now, what’s working, what’s not working and how we may help.

    You may also “attach” any documents that you’d like us to review.

    All of us at Big Smile Marketing thank you for taking the time to complete this review form. We will look closely at each item and will use this information during our upcoming “30-minute” Initial Consultation.


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