The situation with the pandemic is not going to change overnight. This means that COVID-19 will continue to impact every industry even after the vaccine arrives. It has so far changed the landscape of dental marketing as dental marketers and dentists are forced to convince patients it is safe to visit their clinics. Yes, visit. Patients have always been deathly afraid of going to the dentists. Whether it’s cultural or environmental or just the way we’ve always thought of dentists, the misconception is that going to the dentist, consulting with dentists, and undergoing procedures are all painful in some way.

Long-term Growth Strategies

Although the future remains uncertain, dental practices must have long-term growth strategies that will carry them over despite the challenges that face the industry. One of the most effective long-term strategies is to build a loyal clientele who will continue supporting your dental clinic despite pandemics and economic downturns.

Multi-channel Growth Strategies

It’s not enough to focus on one social media platform. You need to use multiple channels to reach your audience. Aside from Facebook, have a presence on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other industry websites. If possible, use traditional marketing strategies, too.

Demand Generation

Generating demand for your products and services is a complicated process. Think of it as a funnel where you will lead prospective clients from targeting them initially to designing your marketing strategies according to what will be attractive to them. All of these are programmed to lead them to what your goal is—to make a sale.

Brand Reputation

You need to be aware of your brand’s reputation. How does your target market see you? Are they aware of what you do? You have to raise awareness about your brand and make sure that such awareness will lead to sales.


Dentists and their marketers must learn how to communicate well. They don’t need to organize and host events to reach out to their market. They need to learn how to use digital media to reach out to their target audience.

Patient Education

What kind of content do you have? Do the patients learn from you? Are you educating them? Dental patients need as much information as they can get from their dentists. They need the knowledge to make proper decisions about their dental health.

Options for Dental Care

What are the different options that patients have when they go to your clinic? What kind of procedures do you offer? This information is always going to be an important part of your dental marketing strategy.