How can you make sure that your target audience will notice your dental practice on social media? You have to depend on the content that you can produce. But over time, it can be overwhelming to think of content that your audience will want to see. What content will help your dental marketing strategy? How can you build the kind of content that your audience will want to go back to?

Social media is a tough channel to master. It doesn’t matter from what industry you come from, social media is a tricky platform; one that will always keep you guessing. Here is the content that you need on your social media pages:


You can find inspirational quotes to post every so often. Just don’t forget to give credit where credit is due. You can even write your own if you are into those things. Online users love inspirational quotes. They put them in the right frame of mind. Make sure that the quote will cater to your target audience.

Thought-provoking questions

As you very well know, your social media success will depend on how engaged your audience is. You can boost engagement by asking thought-provoking questions such as “what’s your favorite movie?” and “who’s your favorite movie dentist character?” These questions will increase the engagement on your page.


Aside from posting before and after photos and behind-the-scenes photos, you can also use visuals to give tips to your audience. For example, you can use graphics to provide tips for your audience on how to properly brush their teeth and diagnose when they are in pain.

Themed posts

Who says that you cannot have themed posts just because you are in the professional industry? You can be fun and entertaining, too. And just because you’re in the professional industry doesn’t mean you don’t celebrate important occasions such as Halloween. For example, you can post a series of photos around Halloween to remind parents not to let their kids eat all the candies.

Data-driven infographics

There is nothing more your customers want than evidence of any claims you are making or have made in the past. If that is the case, use infographics to present survey results and case studies. This will show your target audience that what you’re claiming about dental health is correct.

These kinds of content will boost your dental marketing strategy, as well as build a content calendar that will satisfy your audience.