Just before March, patients will visit your dental websites to set an appointment. They have no qualms about staying longer in your clinic to inquire about products and services. They do not worry about their safety when they are out and about. That has changed because of the pandemic. They are now looking for assurance when they visit your site and clinic. Your homepage will also play a vital role in satisfying your patients’ quest for knowledge and information about how you are keeping your clinic safe from the virus.

So, that’s what your homepage should have. You still need visuals and all those things, but you also need to be direct with your patients. Make your Covid-19 response and information front and center of your homepage. What are you doing? What are the steps that you are taking to ensure that your patients are safe? Interestingly, these are the first things that your patients will be looking for when they land on your homepage.

But once that is over and you’ve convinced them that you’re taking the precautionary measures needed to ensure their safety in the clinic, how should you make them want to stay on your homepage?

Value Proposition

What are you offering your patients? Are you the only one that offers the service in your area? How special are you and why should they spend their money on you? This is the first thing that you want them to see when they land on your homepage. You have to convince them why your dental practice is valuable to them and why it is worth visiting.

Great Visuals

Believe it or not, but dental patients are big on visuals, too. You don’t have to post a photo of just the teeth and gums. A cool picture of a man or woman smiling is great for the target market. You can experiment with your visuals, too. You can use photos, videos, GIFs, animation, infographics, and graphics. Just make sure it has a good quality so it won’t ruin the aesthetics of your homepage.


Some patients want to browse through your dental websites to find blogs and articles. Some simply want to set an appointment, so why don’t you make it easier for them? Make the appointment scheduler available on your homepage. This will make it easy for people on-the-go to set the schedule without needing to look for the link to the appointment tool.