Consulting your dental marketing team might not be a priority when the pandemic first hit industries but surely, it is a priority now that businesses around you are closing down. The pandemic is more than a health problem. It’s an economic one, too. If you don’t take precautionary measures for your strategies, you could be the next practice to close.

Upgrade Your e-Commerce’s Capabilities

Grocery stores, boutiques, and restaurants are being creative during this pandemic. They are offering more products for take-out and delivery. Is your website prepared for it? If you have products to sell to your market, this is as good a time as any to upgrade your e-commerce store. Do an inventory of in-stock items. Start a preorder system. You will replace the revenue you lost in your physical locations.

Create More Video Content

People are going to spend more time on the internet than ever before because of the ongoing pandemic. Though things are under a “new normal” right now and people are going out again, this does not mean the influx of customers to your physical store will be the same. But on the internet, they are going to look for information and other relevant content to their queries. While other types of media are certainly important, videos are what you should focus on.

Enhance Employee Functions

Do you have a particular platform for your employees on the e-commerce site? Now is the best time to give it more functions and features. You can integrate features such as chats, file-sharing apps, and remote scheduling apps. You have to keep up with your employees. Keep in touch with them through a private portal on the web. Make sure they can access the backend of the website, especially for those concerned with sales, marketing, and web content.

Update Your Customers

Be accurate with your customers as much as you can. Some of the functions of your practice will be affected. It might take time for you to produce the items. Supplies may run out and delivery schedules may be disrupted. Your customers must be well-aware of these disruptions. Be honest as much as you can.

Review Your Ad Campaigns

Things will certainly change in terms of customer demands. If you are not careful, you could be spending on dental marketing and ad campaigns that do not benefit your practice. Make sure that you are cognizant of the store’s ad campaigns and discontinue those that do not work right now.