A landing page is used in conjunction with your pay-per-click ads. Every time a web user clicks on a PPC ad, the user is led to a landing page, which has a separate URL address from your main website’s address. It works as a standalone on your website. But for the landing page and the PCC to do their job of improving your dental marketing, it must first be written in a way that complements each other.

A good landing page explains in detail what the ad is for in the first place. When this is done perfectly, it makes it easy for the visitor to follow through with a course of action. A good landing page couples with a great PPC ad persuades the web user to make a purchase, schedule an appointment, or subscribe to a newsletter.

Here are the things that must be done to optimize your landing pages to benefit your dental marketing (yes, you can have multiple landing pages):

Define Your Target Audience

Who are you targeting? New patients? Old ones? The message on your landing page should be written according to what your audience wants to hear and read.

Set Your Goals

Your goal as a dentist is to persuade web visitors to book an appointment or make an inquiry. That should be front and center on your ad. Make your call to action so easy to understand that they would immediately take advantage of it.

Align With the Ad

When web visitors clicked on the ad, it’s most likely because they are interested in what the ad said. Your landing page should deliver what the ad promised. If you made a discount offer on the ad, make sure the landing page has the details about that discount.

Use the Above-the-fold Strategy

Make sure that the landing page has the most important information above the fold. This means that the web user doesn’t have to scroll down to find more information about the offer being made.

Make It to the Point

The content of the landing page should be short, concise, and informative. You can use bulleted lists and subheads to make the content easier to understand.

Remove the Navigation and Menu Buttons

Of course, you want to make it easy for your web visitors to navigate your site. That’s another factor in dental marketing. However, you want to keep the people on your landing page

Make It Mobile-friendly

There’s no way your landing page will succeed if it’s not mobile-friendly. More than 60% of internet traffic is mobile. You cannot ignore this part of the market.

Test the Page

Show the landing page to someone else. Let them evaluate the message. Can they understand it? What effect does the message have on them? Will the message persuade them to follow the call to action?