Knowing what kind of content sells isn’t science. The answer isn’t obscure or difficult to execute or imagine. There’s no deeper meaning behind it. The answer is as simple and direct as can be. Informative content sells. Content that’s filled with information will improve your dental practice marketing, so that’s what you should be writing.

Relevant and Informative

If your business is about baby clothing, should you be talking about a computer? If it’s about advertising, should you write about real estate? If you’re a dentist, stick to what you know, what you’re an expert of. Dental patients want to read about dental services and procedures. They want information on how these procedures are being done and whether they can address their dental problems.

They also want to know about the dentists—their accomplishments and field of expertise. They want to make sure that they are entrusting their dental health to someone well-trained in the field.

Fun and Viral-worthy

The true success of content marketing is if they go viral. In today’s hyper-digital world, going viral is the sign that your content has reached its intended audience. Sometimes, more than the target audience. But how can you make content go viral? It can be pure luck but there’s really a formula for it: fun and entertaining.

Creating fun content will surely make people notice it. A video about a dental procedure done in an entertaining way will grab the audience’s attention for sure. But how can you make content about dental procedures and services fun? Well, you need to think outside the box. You have to look at it from the point of view of a patient. What will be fun for you? What will catch your attention?

Current Issues

Do you know what else catches the attention of your target market? Current issues that are relevant to your industry. Present issues always have the power to trigger opinions from the people. However, try to avoid conflicting issues that might anger or annoy your market. Remember that you intend to grab your audience’s attention. It is not to go viral because you have somehow angered your readers and viewers.

Your dental practice marketing strategies will benefit well from the right content. Before producing a video and writing blog posts, try to think of it the way your target readers or viewers will. As a patient, what would you want to read or watch about? What kind of topics will interest you? That’s what you should write about.