Do you make donations to nonprofit organizations close to your heart? We do it all the time not only because it makes us feel good, but because we want to share what we can. We know that the world can be such a bad place for far too many people. We make this little act to help people who are in need. But what if we tell you that this is also beneficial for your dental patient marketing strategies?

Sure, it’s bad to donate for the sake of a business, but if it’s helping others, then why not do it? A small donation can play a big part in promoting your dental practice. A small act of kindness can go a long way toward endearing you to your target market. Do donate to other NGOs in other industries and niches. Continue making donations for issues that are personal to you, but also be very visible in the dental industry. Make sure that people in your circle know about your practice and what you can do to help others.

Help Less Fortunate

You can hold a free dental consultation hour every day. This hour will be dedicated to people from the lower-income bracket of society. Your receptionist can check their statuses so you can make sure no one’s trying to pass off as less fortunate when they can very well pay for your services. You can also do this outside your clinic. You can go and walk around your town to find homeless people who require dental services. There are a lot of people who need to consult with you, but they cannot because consultation fees and procedures cost thousands of dollars.

Invite Your Market

Why not invite your market to donate to a worthy cause, too? Use the power of social media to raise awareness about a nonprofit organization that’s serving the less fortunate in your area. Use social media as a platform to invite your market to make donations. Anyone who will donate to your chosen NGO can get discount coupons for your services. Imagine being able to help other people and reaping the rewards through discounted products and services. If that isn’t a great dental patient marketing strategy, we don’t know what it.

You can partner with these organizations so they can alert you if someone donated your dental practice’s name. This ensures that you’re going to give discounts and free services only to people who have done their part in donating to your chosen organization.