You know that reviews are important for your dental practice. You know that your dental practice marketing will be more effective with more reviews posted on your website or social media. You read reviews, too. You read reviews about restaurants, movies, smartphones, services, etc. You know that these reviews effectively tell your target patients that your practice is trustworthy.

But there’s more to reviews than telling your target market your dental practice can be trusted. Reviews are social proof. They are the psychological phenomenon wherein people copy the actions of their peers. They use the actions of others to gauge whether their behavior is correct. In other words, people see others using a product or subscribing to a service, so they instantly think that they should, too. People try to emulate the actions of their peers because they trust them and they perceive this as correct.

Make It Part of Your Dental Management Software

If you are using dental management software, you may want to integrate reviews into them. This means that after a patient finished with his or her appointment, the program can automatically send a link where the patient can leave a review. All the patient has to do is click on the link. The program will bring the patient to the part of your website where they can leave a review.

If your current software doesn’t have this functionality, other programs can work alongside your existing program. These programs are created specifically for dentists, so they can send automated messages asking for reviews from their patients.

Create a Google Review Link

Reviews about your dental practice will appear on your Google My Business listing. One of the ways you can get people to leave a review on your page is to send them a link that will direct them on your page. Your patients will not leave a review if the process is too complicated. Simplify the process for them. Generate a Google Review link and post that on your emails, business cards, and receipts. Make it easy for your patients to leave a review for your dental practice. If they are really satisfied with your service, they won’t hesitate to do so.

Put the Review Link on Your Business Card

The business card is prime real estate for your dental practice. Use the back of your business card to let people know where they can leave a review of your services. Let them know you love to hear from them.

You can use these tips to improve your dental practice marketing strategies and get more patients to notice your practice.