How do you tell your dental marketing company that the strategy they created for your practice isn’t working? Sure, you don’t want to offend sensibilities. There’s a big chance that you’ve somehow developed friendships with your marketing team. It’s hard to correct notions that their strategies are working when you know for a fact that they’re not.

Our advice? Tell it straight to your team. Don’t hide anything from them. Be very honest about why you need the strategies to change. This is the only way to save your dental practice from further doom and maintain a great working relationship with your marketing crew.

Schedule a Meeting

Don’t make an email and blast it for everyone to see and read. Make sure to call the attention of the head of the marketing crew and schedule a meeting with the team. It should be clear to the team that the agenda of the meeting is to talk about a particular marketing strategy. This will help them prepare for arguments.

In any case, try to provide them a copy of all the data you collected, showing that the strategy isn’t boosting traffic to your site nor increasing the number of patients inquiring about your products and services.

Prepare the Documents

Speaking of providing the marketing team a copy of the data and analytics, you should prepare the documents related to your argument that the strategy isn’t working anymore. What made you say that? What could be the reasons why you don’t want this particular strategy to continue? Do you have evidence coming directly from your market that the strategy isn’t connecting with them? Make copies of the document and make sure to give everyone the chance to discuss the data there,


You should always be willing to listen to your marketing team. They have their reasons why such a strategy is being used to market your dental practice. If there is any merit to their argument, give them the benefit of the doubt. But if you already have a rebuttal against such arguments, make sure that they know your reasons for thinking otherwise.

Make Suggestions

Finally, since you’ve already signed a contract with the dental marketing company, there’s no point arguing about the strategy and the execution of the plan. They will work to find a solution to what you deemed wrong in the strategy. They need to pinpoint why their client isn’t benefiting from the strategies they developed.