Are you aware that millennials want you to text them rather than call them? That’s the reason why many corporate promotions are sent via text than by marketing calls. For millennials, receiving a text message allows them to think about what was said in the text. If they have to decide, it gives them more time to make an informed decision. The same can be said for how they schedule appointments on dental websites. They are more comfortable dealing with online appointment systems rather than talk to your staff because it allows them to choose a better schedule.

For some reason, millennials are having a hard time deciding on even the simplest of things such as scheduling appointments. They have too much going on in their lives. They have personal relationships to take care of. They have professional careers to build. They have clients to talk with. They have errands to run. On top of everything else, they also need to take care of their health and yes, their teeth and gums. They know they need to set an appointment with you but that does not mean such an appointment will have to run over everything in their lives.

That brings us to the matter of integrating a booking system on your dental websites. Millennials don’t want to have to call your office. They don’t want to talk to your staff and have to decide in seconds if they want to take the open slot in your calendar. An online booking system will give the power back to them. They will be able to see which timeslots are available and if they are willing to take it, book the preferred time.

That’s why dentists should never neglect the importance of having an online booking system on their websites. It’s not just beneficial for your patients. It’s also advantageous and economical for you. There’s no need to hire a receptionist to answer the calls. It reduces the chances of getting your schedules mixed up. Your staff can better use their time attending to patients who are actually in your clinic needing your service.

And thanks to technology, these online appointment plugins are so easy to integrate into your dental websites. They have almost zero downtimes. They are available no matter the time of the day, allowing your patients to set an appointment even in the dead of the night. Such flexibility in services will attract more patients to check out your products and services.