You are already aware that building a community is better than maintaining loyal customers. When you have a community that is loyal to your brand, your business will more than likely succeed. That is the formula for successful dental marketing strategies. If you’re running a dental practice, you should make it a point to build an engagement community. Yes, not just a community, but an engaged one.

How is that possible? There is no actual formula to having an engaged community. This is, perhaps, the most difficult goal of every dental practice. But it is also critical to attracting the right people to your dental practice.

Communication is Key

Think of yourself as a celebrity. Would you want to support someone who doesn’t do interviews or doesn’t sign autographs for fans? No, right? As a celebrity, you’re losing the opportunity to connect to your fans. As a fan, you’re going to look for someone else to support. About 57% of your potential patients are waiting for you to communicate with them. Yes, that right. More than half of your market will only remain loyal to your brand if there’s a human connection.

In this day and age, you can’t hide behind your websites or social media profiles any longer. You need to get out there and start communication on a personal level. Unless you do that, you will not have the engaged community that you’re working hard for.

How can you communicate with your patients better? Use Facebook Messenger and Facebook Groups. When they visit your Facebook page, make sure there’s a pinned post on top of your timeline saying what you can offer them. Utilize Click-to-Messenger ads. This way, when a potential patient clicks on your ad, he/she will automatically be directed to a chat thread.

Have you not signed up for a Facebook page? A Facebook page is a great place to gather your community. They can reach out not only to you but to other members of the group, too. They can share experiences among themselves, recommend other products and services they tried in your clinic.

Make sure to respond to their questions and comments. Create a light and fun atmosphere in the group. Stick to your ground rules such as no bashing of other dentists and community members. Make sure that everyone is toeing the line when it comes to communicating and engaging with each other.

As the group grows, you can hire managers and moderators who can help you manage the account. They will be responsible for keeping the peace in the Facebook group and ensuring that your dental marketing strategies are followed.