You already know that you need to hire a dental marketing company. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that. Marketers are important for all kinds of businesses and professions. But the real question here is how can you choose the right marketing company and what are the things that this company should offer you?

Projections and Goals

By now, you should have set your mind on what goals you want your marketing campaigns to achieve. Typically, the goal of a dental practice is to create new leads and attract new customers. Most marketing companies will give you vague strategies such as content marketing and email marketing. Don’t be contented with that. Look for real numbers and explanations. Make them discuss with you the strategies they think will be successful.

For example, they should tell you which channels you will be using to promote the marketing campaigns, what kind of growth will be achievable at the given period, and the estimated SEO growth that you can expect.

Local SEO Expertise

SEO is a broad field. Many marketers are SEO experts, but not local SEO experts. But dental practices are local businesses. They rely heavily on the community. That’s why the dental marketing company you hire must understand this. They should be focusing on creating local SEO keywords and getting you in the Local 3-Pack, optimizing your Google My Business page, and building citations and links.

SEO Tools

SEO is more than just finding out the right keyword for your business. More than anything else, you have to measure the effectivity of your SEO campaigns. There are various metrics to watch when determining whether or not to continue with your SEO strategy. The dental marketing company you hire should use the proper tools to make their strategies more effective. Some of the most popular tools are SEMRush, Moz Local, Ahrefs, and BuzzSumo.

Reviews Solicitation

More than 80% of your potential customers will check out reviews about your service. About 72% of them will feel better checking out your dental practice when you receive mostly positive reviews from your past customers. A dental marketing company should realize how important reviews and recommendations are. They should explain clearly to you how they will solicit such reviews from your customers. Are they going to send a follow-up text, create incentives, or ask in person? You should be comfortable with the strategy they choose to employ.