The rise and popularization of online technology have done wonders for the dental marketing industry. Because of this, it is now easier for smaller dental practices to keep up with the rest of the industry, regardless of size and budget. One of the most popular platforms in the dental marketing industry is Facebook and with very good reason.

There are a lot of benefits to using this as a marketing platform, and it is one of the most cost-effective ones as well. However, these benefits can only be observed if you use it properly. Find out if you’re using Facebook properly for your practice’s marketing here.

What kind of account are you using?

One of the first signs that show that you’re not using Facebook properly for your marketing is the kind of account that you’re using for your practice. Is it a personal account under your name? A personal account has a cap on the number of friends that you can add, which means that your reach will be severely limited. This type of account is also not optimized for promotional use, so it’s highly recommended that you go with a business account. These types of accounts are equipped with plenty of features that can be used for marketing purposes.

Are you using ads?

A lot of smaller dental practices aren’t fond of the idea of paying for ads, especially on Facebook, since it is popularly known as a free platform for use. However, if this is your mentality, you’re going to have difficulty with your marketing. Facebook is now giving priority to businesses that pay for ads to help increase their reach and visibility. It has also been studied that businesses that make use of paid ads show higher conversions and engagement rates compared to organic reach.

Are you taking advantage of all of Facebook’s features?

The thing that you should always keep in mind when you’re looking into using Facebook as a platform for your dental marketing is a simple fact that, years ago, when Facebook started gaining popularity as a marketing tool, it started amending its algorithm to be more inclined towards digital marketing.

Because of this, business accounts on Facebook have access to a lot of tools to help with marketing, including a tool that helps them identify and target their main demographic for their content, as well as a real-time tracking tool to help you monitor your posts. Make sure that you learn these tools in order to use them effectively for your benefit.