Many advertisers and marketers preach the importance of images and videos on ads and promotional materials. They couldn’t be farther from the truth. Visual appeal is important for dental practice marketing campaigns. How can a full-text ad appeal to your audience? However, you cannot use just any image or video. The material has to be well-curated so that they appeal to your target market.

Images Should Have a Purpose

Every image should have a purpose. This means not to use just any stock image you find on free websites. Sure, you can use those, but be careful when selecting which to include in your ad campaign. For example, since you’re marketing your dental practice, you need images of smiling people, right?

The images you will choose depend on the market that you’re trying to reach. If you’re trying to attract grandparents to your dental practice, you should choose images of older people smiling at the camera. If you’re targeting the millennials, then you need to pick images reflecting the target demographic.

The purpose of these images is to show the target market that like them, these people have succeeded in addressing their dental problems. Your market will feel closer to your business if you use images that reflect how they see themselves.

Images Should Be Positioned Properly

The position of your images on the campaign materials is also important. Make sure that the subjects on the photos are not looking at a blank space on the print ad, for example. The subjects should be looking at the text, at the message you’re trying to send to your target audience.

The same rule applies for images used on websites. The subjects should be looking at the textual content. If the content is placed on the left side of the screen, the subject should be looking at his left, too.

Your target market will most likely ignore the images if these don’t serve a purpose for them. That defeats the purpose of putting them on the campaign ads.

Images Should Illustrate and Explain Concepts

The purpose of having images on your dental practice marketing materials is to illustrate a concept or explain the purpose of the products and services. You should be careful with using images that don’t serve these two purposes. Your market will get lost in the message you are trying to send.

When choosing what image to use on your campaign ads, always select the one that promotes your brand well. Brand awareness is the most important component of marketing strategies. This should be the goal of every marketing campaign—whether traditional or modern.