Taking care of your patients means making sure that your dental marketing strategies are going to work. No matter how good your campaigns are, if your customers do not feel that they are well taken care of, they will leave your dental practice and look for another dentist.

Whether you’re working in the service industry or the retail industry, providing great customer service and focusing on customer satisfaction should be the goal of your practice. These are the ways that you can make sure your customers will feel they are well provided for:

Less Waiting Time

More than anything else, your patients hate waiting to make an appointment with you. If you have lots of customers and you cannot accommodate as plenty as customers as before, you could hire additional dentists to take up a schedule in your office. Also, try to time your patients’ schedules efficiently. This means that if you think the prior procedure will take one hour to finish, then do not schedule the next patient 30 minutes before you finish. Be respectful of everyone’s time.


Make sure that you have something new to offer to your patients regularly. If there are new trends in dentistry, learn about it and explain to your patients when it will be available in your clinic. Attend symposiums and seminars, so that you will always be up to date. Never miss out on new technology. Patients tend to be loyal to innovative dental clinics and those that find a way to offer them better services and products.

Promotions and Discounts

Once in a while, offer your loyal patients discounts and promotions that you don’t offer to anyone else. This will make them feel that you value their decision to do business with you. You can also use this dental marketing strategy to attract other potential patients to check out your dental services and products.

Emergency Services

Very rarely do dentists offer emergency services 24/7. If you feel that you can do it and you want to attract as many patients as possible, offer emergency services. This will satisfy your customers because they know that they can count on you no matter the time of the day. If they have a dental emergency in the middle of the night, you will be the first call that they will make. That is the kind of service your patients are longing for. You’ll put your dental clinic in a good position to compete.