Improving your search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t just about using the right keywords and phrases. Your dental SEO ranking is more than just the content of your website. It is the totality of the website—from the layout to the design to the colors to the fonts to the navigational elements.


Building links on your website requires research and effort. It’s more than just a “click here” bait. It means researching relevant articles and topics and including a link to those on your main content. Web visitors and readers will appreciate the effort you take in researching relevant links for them to visit.

The words “click here” have no dental SEO value beyond the attached URL but putting the relevant content and linking that to the URL will provide great value to your website.


If you are not using videos for your websites, you’re sorely missing out on a lot of great opportunities. Videos are great even if they are not keyword-rich (though you probably should focus on enriching them with relevant keywords).

Google loves videos so much that videos have a special place in the search results page. The first links you will see on the results page are videos. Google finds that web users like them better as evidenced by the number of clicks these videos receive daily.

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of web visitors leaving your website as soon as they land on it. If your site has a high bounce rate, this is not a compliment. Instead, it means you need to address a few problems—why are people leaving your website? Are they not finding relevant information on it?

Google hates websites with a high bounce rate. They instinctively know that something is wrong with your website and that’s why they will not recommend their users to visit your site.

Slow-loading Pages

Work on addressing the issues that contribute to your site’s high bounce rate. Most of the time, it’s the slow loading speed of the website that causes people to leave it. Try clearing your cache, increasing your bandwidth, optimizing your images, and decluttering your backend to speed up the site.

The improvement of your dental SEO still depends on using the right keywords. Don’t get us wrong on that. While including links and videos on your website is important, they will work better if they use the appropriate keywords. A combination of the right keywords and backend optimization should put your site on top of Google’s list.