How can Facebook help you improve your dental patient marketing strategies? What are you doing wrong that could be affecting the effectivity of your marketing strategies on Facebook, arguably the most powerful social media platform out there?

Using Facebook is not just about having a page there, per se. Facebook is more than just your presence on the internet. It is where your customers can engage and build a community. It is where you can directly reach out to your customers to get to know them better and offer them better products and services.

Be Online Always

You never know when the next big thing is going to hit the social media world. If you are not constantly online, you risk missing out on a lot of things. Remember that a meme or a video can go viral in just a couple of hours. If you miss out on using a meme or a video to promote your dental practice, you’ll never get that opportunity back.

Being online will you to answer questions and inquiries in a snap of the finger. Customers would love it if you will be able to answer all their comments and questions immediately. They would be likely your patients and remain loyal to you because they know that they can count on you.

Post Non-dental-related Items

Do not keep on posting dental-related links, photos, and videos. Learn to engage with your patients and talk to them without hashing out their oral and dental health problems. Your Facebook profile should not just be about your dental practice. Your customers need to feel that you can be their friend and not only have a dentist-patient relationship. If you are more relatable, patients will come in droves.

Be Open To Feedback

Your social media profiles will be where customers are going to leave reviews and feedback about your products and services. You cannot expect every single thing to be positive. There will be bad reviews, so you should be open to that and welcome them.

If you feel misjudged by a comment or review, you can always use the platform to point out your side. Answering reviews—the good and bad—should be a part of your dental patient marketing strategies.

These three things will not only bring more patients to your clinic. They will also help you retain them, which is almost as essential as getting new patients to come to your clinic.