One of the biggest benefits that the online marketing industry has given the world of dental patient marketing is the ability to be as varied with your online marketing without ever breaking the bank. However, for some dental practices, the sheer number of choices that are out there is quite frankly, a little intimidating.

Because of this, plenty of dental practices freeze up at the idea of choosing the right dental patient marketing strategy for their own dental practice. To find the perfect strategy for you, her is a rundown on each type of online marketing strategy and how each one can be used successfully. Hopefully, this information will be enough to help you make the right decision with what online marketing strategy to use.

Content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most popular forms of online marketing nowadays. At the foundation of every good online marketing strategy is good content, and a good content marketing strategy is where all of this content is gathered in one place. Content marketing is good for dental practice because it tends to be a technical industry, which makes it difficult for regular people to understand. Creating an information hub for your patients is a good way to build their trust in you.

Social media marketing

Social media is now the most popular platform for online marketing nowadays. This is because there are so many ways to use social media, and there is a huge audience on there just waiting to be marketed to. If you’re going to be using social media, don’t spread your marketing too thin by using all of the social media platforms out there. Choose one or two social media platforms, whichever ones are in line with your current strategy, and focus on these.


SEO is one of the oldest and most widely used forms of online marketing today. The dental industry benefits significantly from this because these are services that are usually more location-focused. If you learn how to carry out your SEO for your dental patient marketing properly, then you may be the go-to for dental health services within your local area.

Paid advertising

You should know that a successful online marketing strategy isn’t one that is focused only on free advertising techniques. There should be a good balance of the two in order to get a well-rounded online marketing technique for your dental practice.