Sure, you’ve managed to gather a group of keywords and key phrases that will bring more customers to your website through the use of a dental SEO strategy. You think these keywords are great for text and video content. You believe the keywords will put your website on top of Google’s ranking. And for a while, it did. What happens when your ranking suddenly slid down to the second rank or worse, to the bottom of the page? Or even worse, to the second page?

Dental SEO is like that. One moment, you’re on top of the search engine results and the very next day, you’re at the bottom of the results page. What worked a few months ago may not work today. Customers are changing. Their needs are evolving in drastic taps we have not seen ever. You need to constantly check, tweak, revise, and adapt to changing times. Otherwise, your competitors will get the better of you.

Because Old Blog Posts Are Not Receiving Enough Clicks

Compared to other of your older blog posts, how is a particular one faring? If you think that the article isn’t garnering enough traffic to your site, it’s time to revisit it and make a few tweaks here and there. No, you don’t have to delete the post and neither do you have to remove all old content from your site (to save on bandwidth and improve SEO). Google loves all kinds of blog posts, whether new or old, as long as they are receiving enough unique views.

You can edit the blog posts so they become updated with the current trends, especially when it comes to its backend language and coding. Making sure that even your old posts have the proper tags and meta description will go a long way toward improving your site’s ranking on Google.

Because Your Site Just Went Down on the Rankings

This is the most obvious sign that your dental SEO strategy isn’t working anymore. If your website has just lost its good ranking on the search results, then that means the keyword is not working its magic anymore. It’s bound to lose most traffic generated from web users, anyway.

Finding the right keyword is not a forever thing. Eventually, Google will realize that it has been used too much and there is too much competition for the same keyword. You will need to find a new set of unique keywords.