Out of all of the dental marketing strategies that exist today, SEO is arguably one of the most well-known and widely used ones out there. This is mostly due to the fact that SEO is one of the oldest forms of online marketing that is still highly relevant today, and most importantly, it is one of the most effective ways to obtain organic traffic, which is one of the most highly convertible forms of online traffic. However, despite its obvious merits, a lot of people are still afraid of using this for their own dental marketing. To make things easier, here are some simple SEO tricks that can go a long way for your own marketing.

Speed up your website

Interestingly enough, one of the easiest ways that you can boost your SEO is not by investing in expensive SEO tools, it’s something as small as speeding up your website’s load time. The reason behind this is that your site’s load time can affect your bounce rate. If your site loads too slowly, then users will opt to “bounce” out of your website, which will affect your SEO ranking. A high bounce rate tells search engine crawlers that your website isn’t offering anything to users, and will rank your site poorly.

Improve your website metrics

One of the key ways that you can help boost your website’s SEO is simply by improving your website metrics. Your website metrics play a huge role in how search engine bots determine your site’s rank, so putting in the effort of improving this can help increase your chances of getting to the front page of search engine results.

Content is the heart of your SEO

Before, the easiest way to rank well on search engines was keyword stuffing. Nowadays, algorithms have been amended to place more of an emphasis on good quality content, because of the stronger focus on the user experience. Good quality content is valuable to the user, which will be translated onto search engine crawlers as a website that offers valuable content, which means that they are more likely to rank your website well.

Learn how to strategize your keywords

Of course, while keywords aren’t the only point of SEO for your dental marketing, they do still play a very important role. After all, these keywords are the search terms that users will be utilizing to help find your dental website. Make sure that you invest in a quality tool or a dental marketing company that knows how to handle your keyword research for you.