It can’t be helped that there are times when your dental practice will receive negative comments and feedback from your patients. But you know that you can still use these for dental patient marketing? Negative testimonials don’t necessarily mean that they can’t be reversed or that you can’t use it for the good of your business. These can be powerful dental patient marketing methods to attract the attention of your target market and bring in a ton of customers.

Answer the Concerns

The first thing you should do when your dental practice receives negative feedback is to respond. Whatever concerns are raised should be addressed directly. Respond to the review publicly because the public must see how you responded to the issues. But make sure you also reach out to the customers privately. Ask the customer if there are other concerns they have about your services and products. This is also the proper venue for you to offer a discount coupon as a way of apologizing for the event.

Just make sure that if you feel that your practice is not at fault to explain the situation to your patient and make him understand that his concerns, although valued, will not change how you perform your services.

Provide Better Services Next Time

If there is any bit of credence to the concerns raised against you, promise yourself that you’ll do better next time. Make it a point to improve your services so it will not happen to you again. Improving the services you are offering can become a powerful marketing tool for your dental practice.

Think of it this way: this is a good way to measure and evaluate the services that you provide. Instead of having a survey to know how your patients feel, the comments section on your social media or website is a good venue to get a good grasp of your patients’ mindset.

Document How You’re Trying To Become Better

Whether you enrolled in a training program, bought new equipment, or hired better personnel, you need to show that your dental practice is trying to be better. Document the steps you took to alleviate the concerns of your patients. Let them see that they don’t have any reason to stop from going to your clinic and seeking treatment. Clients want to see the businesses and professions they frequent try to outdo themselves or get better in the services that they offer.