One of the biggest hurdles that smaller dental practices have had to deal with is creating an effective dental patient marketing strategy on a limited budget. With traditional marketing, larger dental practiced often had their pick of dental marketing strategies, which made it difficult for smaller practices to keep up.

However, today, because of online marketing and other forms of online technology, smaller practice and businesses now have the ability to come up with marketing strategies on par with larger practices.

Unfortunately, this can be an intimidating task to undertake if you have no prior experience or knowledge about this, so to help you out, learn more about how to create an online dental patient marketing strategy on a limited budget which yields results.

Identify and target your audience

In an industry like dental health, it is usually better for you to limit your marketing within a specific area because people with dental health needs are more likely to turn to local professionals to help them. This is especially needed when you’re working with a limited budget because you don’t have the time or the budget to target a general audience and hope that it works out.

With online tools, you now have the ability to identify who your target audience is and tailor your marketing strategy and your ads to appeal to this audience. Whether you choose PPC or social media marketing, these online marketing strategies have their own tools which help you accomplish this.

Use a landing page

Conversions are the main goal of any website, dental or otherwise. So if you have a limited budget and want to increase conversions, then a landing page may be exactly what you need. A landing page is an entire single-page website which is designed to do one thing, which is to convert.

If you choose to work with a landing page, make sure that this is properly planned out, including the website copy. The entire page is designed for maximum conversions, which means that there is no room for unessential text or images.

Keyword research can go a long way

A large part of what helps online users find your website and other aspects of your online presence is the keywords that they use to look up the services that you offer. Relevant keywords are extremely beneficial to an effective dental patient marketing strategy, which is why you should invest in good keyword research, whether it’s in the tools that you use, or by investing in a good dental marketing company.