Dental marketing is one of the hardest tasks you’ll have to face in your professional practice. Targeting a specific market and demographic is never going to be easy with the kind of business climate you now have in the dental industry.

There is simply too much competition. Large-scale dental companies are using all their might and money to get as many clients as they can. Smaller dental practices are hard-pressed to appeal to their target market because of one simple thing: lack of exposure.

Thankfully, you can use Google and Facebook to attract your target market. Here are the five things you can do:

Local Awareness Facebook Ads

One of the most compelling features of Facebook ads is the ability to set a radius for your ads. This radius can be adjusted depending on where your target market is located. Of course, as a dental practice, you cannot market to an audience that lives 50 miles away.

Your market is local and specific. You can use the map card on Facebook to set the radius as to whom the ads will be shown. You can also add relevant details about the clinic such as the hours of operation, the distance to the business, and a “get directions” link.

Click-to-call Ads

Click-to-call ads are available on Google. Instead of Google promoting a link to your website, it shows a result wherein the user will only need to click the call button to reach your clinic. Through a call, customers can set appointments, inquire about dental products and services, and know more about the clinic and the dentist.

Mobile Ads

Do you know that 53% of web searches are being done through a smartphone and only 40% are done from a laptop? The other 7% is being done from a tablet. This means that web visitors can call your clinic directly if you have a “call now” ad because they are already on their smartphones and need only to click on a link.

Demographic Targeting

Facebook allows an even more specialized form of advertising. If you have an ad on Facebook, you can choose the market according to age, gender, relationship status, location, employment, language, income, and interests. Do you know that 90% of dental buying (whether services or products) are done by women? Make sure your ads are targeting women.

Appointment Reminders

You can use Google calendar alerts to remind your customers and clients about upcoming appointments. Or, this can be set to remind them to call you for an appointment for a dental cleaning or general checkup. Some dental marketing strategies use postcards and emails as appointment reminders. You can do all of these methods.