Marketing is something that smaller dental practices have to take seriously in order to succeed. Because smaller practices tend to have a much smaller budget to work with. If it works well, then that’s great, but if it doesn’t work out, then they risk losing a large chunk of their budget. Online dental practice marketing has really allowed these smaller practices to operate their marketing on the same level as larger dental practices.

Because larger forms of marketing like television and magazine ads tend to be more expensive, online marketing allows smaller dental practices to keep up and appeal to larger sized audiences without dealing with a huge cost.

If you’ve been handling your online dental marketing strategies for a while, then you might have a good idea of what is working for your marketing. But if all of this is new to you, here are some classic dental practice marketing strategies you can use for your practice.

Use your users’ content to your advantage

In the dental industry, the best kind of marketers and advocates for your business are your very own loyal dental patients. It is not uncommon today for patients to tag themselves at your practice or pin their current location to show that they’re at your dental practice.

This lets you boost user engagement by featuring their pictures and posts where they feature your dental practice on your practice’s page. You can even make it a sort of event, where you feature a patient and showcase them or give a shout out to patients’ posts on your own social media page. Always remember to obtain permission first before you use their content though.

Ask for reviews

When it comes to your dental marketing, social proof is one of the most effective ways to increase visibility and boost your patients’ trust in your dental practice. To boost your social proof, you can encourage your patients to leave a review on social media pages, or your dental website. You can make it worth their while by offering a small freebie or promo in exchange for leaving a review.

Hold a contest

It’s no secret that customer love contests and giveaways, so this can be used to your advantage by running a contest or running a promotion. Doing this can help generate interest on social media and other channels as well as drive traffic to your pages and website.

There are so many kinds of contests that you can run to boost your dental practice marketing and generate online interest. You can run a photo contest where patients can tag themselves at your practice, or share their favorite dental health tip. You can have them tag your pages or generate your own hashtag. The main point here is to use these to increase customer engagement and generate more online interest in your practice.