Hiring a dental SEO company involves a lot of groundwork. Meaning, you have to figure out if you’re hiring the best company to build and develop an SEO plan for your business. You need to do thorough research on the different agencies that offer the same SEO service. This will allow you to make the proper decision on which agency is the right one to hire.

Once you have a shortlist, you can schedule meetings with these agencies and ask them these five important questions:

How will you improve our search engine ranking and what’s the timeframe?

They need to show up with a plan and a strategy. They need to convince you that their SEO strategy will work for your business. There’s one other thing they need to do to convince you: show you a list of technical terms associated with dentistry and highlight the keywords that should be used on your website. Doing basic groundwork to get to know your business will definitely impress you.

What will be the main channel of communication between us?

There will be a lot of activities and changes in the project as it progresses. As the owner of the website, you want to be in charge of the decision to change some of the processes, right? How will you be informed? How can you track the progress of each task handed to the SEO team?

The main form of communication cannot be Facebook Messenger. That’s informal and doesn’t include any tool that will allow for better project tracking. You can utilize Trello, Slack, and other project management software. Make sure this is clear with the SEO company.

What tools do you use to measure SEO’s success?

Here’s a short list of tools that you need to hear from the SEO agency: reporting tools, link-building tools, technical SEO tools, and research tools. These tools will help in tracking the progress of the project, as well as how effective the strategies are component-by-component.

What kind of SEO work have you done before?

You should ask to see the SEO company’s portfolio. You need to know also if they have worked with a dental practice before. That will give them a better and easier chance of developing a strategy that will work for the kind of business you are running. Since dental practices are highly technical, they have to do a lot of research to understand your practice and how SEO can make it better.

What is your payment structure?

How much are you expected to pay on a particular date or milestone in the dental SEO development project? You want to ready the money and include that in the budget, right? Before signing any type of agreement or contract, you better clarify some of these things first.