Making use of digital dental marketing strategies is one of the ways that dental practices are keeping up with today’s digital technology-driven world. One of the most popular tools is social media. Because a majority of online users have some form of social media, learning how to use social media to boost your marketing efforts is always a good idea.

However, social media isn’t something that you can just jump into without learning a few things first, especially as a professional in the medical field. Here are some things that you should know or learn about before you get started with social media as a dental marketing tool for your dental practice.

Make sure you orient your staff

One of the very first things that you should always do when you plan to implement a social media strategy for your dental practice is to keep your staff in the loop. Remember that there is a chance that a majority of your staff use social media, so if users look up your dental practice, they will also have a chance to see your staff and what they post.

Let them know that anything that they post on their social media will also reflect on your dental practice, so it’s recommended that you advise them to be more aware of the content that they post and share on their respective social media profiles.

Review HIPAA regulations

Another thing that you should be reviewing with your staff is HIPAA regulations. While it is well-known that you’re not supposed to reveal patient information, some practices still make the mistake of exposing private patient information on social media, sometimes in response to a negative review.

It’s important to review HIPAA regulations with your staff to make sure that you’re not accidentally exposing private patient information in your social media posts and content.

Make sure that you plan out your social media properly

The key to a proper social media strategy for your dental marketing is proper planning. Before you get started with your social media, make sure that you do your proper research into your target audience, the content that they’re interested in, as well as what kind of content you should be producing. Taking the time to plan all of this out properly can go a long way to help build up the foundation of a successful social media marketing strategy.

Assign someone to handle it full-time

Social media as a dental marketing tool might seem like something that you can just do once a week and forget about it, but if you want it to succeed as an effective marketing tool, it’s highly recommended that you assign someone to this full-time. This helps maintain a consistent social media presence, which makes your practice very accessible for your patients, which boost your online presence.