Every target audience is different and the most effective dental practice marketing strategies vary from business to business. But across generations, societies, sectors, and industries today, people are behaving in a way that’s predictable for marketers: they are sharing their offline lives online.

Not only are they bringing what’s happening to them offline to their virtual lives on social media, but they are actively seeking posts that will allow them to share their experiences online.

Bring offline events online

What are the offline events that your dental practice are having? Whether it’s the opening of a new clinic, a fundraiser event, seminars, workshops, and more, what people want is to see these online, too.

Days before the actual event, share information about it on social media and invite people in your network to come and attend the event. During the day of the event, you can go live and stream from wherever you are to share the event to those who are unable to attend it but are there in “spirits.”

Offer offline sales to online customers

Your dental practice might be having a big promotion. Why promote it only offline using posters and flyers on your clinic? You can share this information on your website and social media accounts.

People love getting discounts for their dental needs and they are likely waiting for good discounts to avail of your products and services. You can create a hashtag for your promotions or come up with an eye-catching image for the promotion and turn that into a viral post.

You can also offer coupons and discounts to those who subscribed to your newsletter and email list. Another strategy is to offer the discount only to the first 10 people who will like your post on Facebook. There are many ways to integrate your online and offline sales strategy. You just have to be smart about finding the one that works for your dental practice marketing.

Promote clients online

Your loyal customers by now have talked about your dental practice on their social media accounts. If you have a swag t-shirt that says your brand, they may have worn it and posted pictures of it and tagged your Facebook account.

Share these photos so others can see that you are more than just a dental clinic; that you also offer great products that can bring the community together. You can also work with an influencer so he can encourage his followers to follow you back.