As a dental practice, you know who your consumers are so you are better prepared to create dental practice marketing strategies that will target their needs and even their wants. Many dentists, however, are focused entirely on internet marketing strategies—reaching out to their consumers through the website and social media—and forgot all about how we were ruled by offline advertisements and promotions decades ago.

Many marketers are turning once more to offline marketing techniques, incorporating them into their online dental practice marketing strategies to form one cohesive campaign. Did you forget about offline tactics? Are you forgetting how print ads and billboards have been so effective in reaching out to their audience?

Internal marketing

Your current patient list is the one place where you should start. Check if there are any patients in your list that haven’t been back to your clinic for quite some time.

We know for a fact that we need to have our teeth professionally cleaned at least every quarter so why are some of your clients not returning? Your current client list already knows who you are and what you do. It is easier to convince them to spend money on whatever products or services you are offering.

Direct mail

If you have collected quite a number of former clients’ addresses in the past (or even some curious one who signed up for an activity that you hosted), you can use their addresses to send a direct mail. Believe it or not, but direct mail is still an effective method to get your message across to your audience.

Most people would still open the mail and read it even after finding out it was a marketing ploy. They are curious about what you have to say and that is your chance to catch their attention.

Print ads

Print ads still exist because they are still relevant. People still read newspapers and magazines so they are bound to consume your message as long as you use the right medium for it. Try to get to know what your clients read and make sure that your dental practice marketing content is visible to your audience.

Radio/TV broadcast

Yes, people still turn on their radios and televisions from time to time. Do you know that those with insomnia watch hours of TV ads on a nightly basis?

Are you aware of all those TV ads at night demonstrating cleaning materials, cooking tools, diet pills, and what not? Don’t you think those would have ceased to exist if they don’t work? TV shopping works and you should try it for your own dental practice.