Hiring a dental practice marketing company to handle your dental practice’s marketing is not an easy decision for many, but it has become a necessity in the dental industry. This is because the dental industry has become very competitive, especially within a local area.

This is where dental marketing comes in. A good dental marketing company will give your dental practice the edge that it needs to stand out in the dental industry and help your dental practice grow.

However, how would you know if your investment in a dental practice marketing company has paid off? Here are some metrics that you can use to track the success of your dental marketing.

Number of new patients each month

Of course, as a dental practice, your main priority will be to get new patients into your practice. At the beginning of your marketing strategy, you will have to assess how many new patients you get on average on a monthly basis.

You will then have to determine how much you want to grow that number for your monthly goal of new patients. However, it’s important to be realistic in your expectations of how much your practice can grow.

It would be nice to have a monthly revenue of five million dollars, but unless your practice was showing numbers that prove that it can grow by that much in a single month, it isn’t feasible. A good dental marketing company will help you determine the right pace of growth of your company.

Phone call conversions

There will be plenty of people who will call up your dental practice to inquire about the cost of your services and if you’re capable of catering to their dental needs. These patient phone calls are a good opportunity to convert price shoppers into new patients.

A good dental practice marketing company will work with your practice to make sure that your staff is trained to help boost phone call conversions. If the strategy has been implemented well, you will see an increase in these numbers.

Website visitors and conversions

Your dental website is an integral part of your dental practice marketing, so it’s important that your marketing strategy utilizes your website.

Your dental website can be a source of valuable information about your practice and can help boost your business. Potential patients often check a practice’s website for more information about the services that they offer.

If your website was designed properly along with your marketing strategy, then your website should be bringing in a regular stream of traffic and conversions.