You may have started to notice that some dental websites are attracting more visits than your own site. This affects your dental practice because these web visitors are potential clients who will come back to your clinic in the future for additional dental services. This means you are losing a big opportunity to attract customers and retain them for the future.

So, what could possibly be the reason why other sites are faring better than yours? Here are the things you may want to look at:

Quality content

Some dental websites are correctly focusing on their content marketing so that means they are posting articles that present relevant information to the potential clients.

The reason why some dental websites are more successful than yours is because clients are finding more value when visiting your competition. It’s all about providing the right content.

Professional design and development

Maybe your website is difficult to navigate? Did you hire someone to design your site or was it a product of a template? Professionally-designed websites have many benefits because web designers take into consideration the elements such as ease of navigation and overall presentation that will attract clients.

Search engine optimization

Is your website optimized for Google? Seeing as it remains to be the number one search engine that internet users rely on, it is important that you study its algorithm to make sure that your dental websites or webpages appear on the top results when a query is made involving your niche. But if you’re not integrating the use of the right keywords and key phrases in your website, Google will be hard-pressed to “find” you.


Internet users are smarter these days. They are careful about transacting with websites with no security features.
If your website is lacking that lock symbol on the address bar then it only means you did not take the necessary precautions to protect your site and your web visitors from malicious software that can steal information from miles away. No web visitor wants to risk their digital safety just to read up about your dental services.

Eye-catching images and videos

If you’re still using stock photos and videos on your dental websites, it’s time to stop. Go out there and shoot some interesting images and videos that you can use to attract customers.

Make a digital presentation of how your different dental services are being done so your potential clients can make informed choices about which one is right for their needs.